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What is the Digital Content Library?

The Digital Content Library (DCL) consists of around 300,000 items from teaching and research collections across the University of Minnesota. Support is provided for just about any digital file format including images, videos, audio, 3-D objects, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDFs. 

Who can access the DCL?

Access to the DCL is available to all University faculty, students, and staff. Many items are password protected because of copyright considerations. These materials must be used for educational purposes only. Some items are available more broadly because they are in the public domain, or have been more openly shared.

We also offer wider access to research and creative works from the College of Liberal Arts through our Open Collections, which can be searched using the OpenDCL.

How can I use the DCL?

Faculty may want to use the DCL to share teaching materials with a class. Faculty can also request material to be digitized and added to the DCL. This can include original research and creative work. Some DCL assets may also be shared more broadly and even used as a starting point or repurposed to spark new projects.

Students can access course Drawers and view items in them, all within the DCL.


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Laura Cervin
Coordinator of Media Services